Parties! Parapets! Paternity secrets galore!

Despair in the Afternoon

Because good soap tends to make me lose all sense of propriety, I feel like I should apologize to anyone in a five mile radius of my house yesterday. They’re probably wondering who Lulu is and why she should just OPEN THE DAMN LETTER, ALREADY.

(As the shriek I let out when Brad went over the edge was no doubt supersonic, I’m sure they couldn’t decipher enough of the details to wonder if they should be calling the cops on his behalf. But still, neighbors: I’m very sorry.)

Nik's happy family

I have to hand it to Nikolas: sure, every single engagement party he’s ever had at Wyndemere has ended in tragedy and murder. And sure, even the ghost/hallucination of his last fiance (who was murdered at his last engagement party) was all “hey, maybe just quietly elope this time?” But does Nikolas let any of that stop him from giving it the old college…

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